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Globally, there are thought to be more than 850,000 active podcasts, equating to about 30 million episodes. With thousands of whisky podcasts to choose from, Unfiltered put out a call to our members and our team to ask them for their top picks. If you’re not listening already, make sure you add these podcasts to your list…


What it is: In a world of whisky podcasts, Mark Gillespie has been on air since 2005, when his podcast was one of 3,000 podcasts in the iTunes store. What started as a hobby and means of self-education is now a full-time job. There’s an archive of 15 years of episodes to take in, featuring interviews with the likes of the late Dr Jim Swan, Bill Lumsden and Richard Paterson. There’s also industry news, a global community of WhiskyCast fans and plenty of whisky.

Why you should listen: “I started listening to WhiskyCast last summer, while training for a half-marathon, and never missed an episode since. It is a great way to discover the whisky world and stay up to date with the latest news, while improving my knowledge thanks to the ‘Behind the label’ segment. I particularly appreciate Mark’s attention to the consequences of climate change on whisky production, a topic that’s usually overlooked.” – Gianluigi Rossi, SMWS member

This is my dram

What it is: This is My Dram is a podcast about whisky and music with occasional forays into science. Hosts Stu and Andy met while in a band in Newcastle in the north of England. While the band didn’t quite work out, their passion for sharing whisky grew and led to the podcast’s creation.

Each episode features a whisky tasting, with a playlist inspired by the bottle selected – think indie-style tunes interspersed with whisky chat.

Why you should listen: “This podcast is like a night out with friends, great patter, great music and great whisky.” – Billy Cowan, SMWS member

Whiskey Women

What it is: Houstonians Janet Thielke and Blair Ault serve up whiskey reviews with witty repartee based around their experience of whiskey and life. The monthly episodes are structured around trying whiskey and talking flavour – Wild Turkey expressions compared to Thanksgiving dishes, anyone? Along the way, they interview whiskey women and men.

Why you should listen: “We all experience flavour and taste differently. Sometimes when you try a whisky, you wonder whether you’re the only one who gets a certain tasting note. Blair and Janet take on whiskey without preconception and with plenty of humour.” – Mads Schmoll, SMWS social media guru

Bourbon Pursuit

What it is: Bourbon Pursuit is hosted by Kenny Coleman (pictured), Ryan Cecil and Unfiltered columnist Fred Minnick. With over 258 episodes, there’s everything from two-minute whiskey quickie reviews to the latest industry news and in-depth stories from the bourbon whiskey industry.

“I would recommend Bourbon Pursuit to anyone interested in American whiskey – bourbon and rye in particular. The roundtable format feel is casual and approachable but also informative, with a steady supply of knowledgeable and enthusiastic guests from all parts of the world of whiskey. I suppose one reason that I like it is that it feels familiar to the way that we have approached Scotch whisky here at the Society.” – Kai Ivalo, SMWS spirits director

Whisky Waffle

What it is: Based in Tasmania, Nick Turner and Alex ‘Ted’ Matthews dive into all things whisky with reviews, comparative tastings and plenty of whisky chat. The monthly episodes span a variety of fun categories including ‘whisky would you rather’, ‘mystery whisky’ and ‘smash, session or savour’. The podcast features Nick and Alex’s musings on whisky from around the world, with a penchant for whisky from Australia in general and Tasmania in particular.

Why you should listen: “The Whisky Waffle boys entertain with their own whisky experiences in an irreverent but feature-filled format.

The podcast provides both an education and a few laughs, and it doesn’t hurt that it is broadcast from Tasmania, the spiritual home of Australian whisky.” – Mark Teague, SMWS Australia

One Nation Under Whisky

What it is: One Nation Under Whisky is hosted by independent bottlers, festival organisers and tour company owners, Joshua Hatton and Jason Johnstone-Yellin. With four seasons of episodes, the duo, from Connecticut and Ayrshire respectively, talk about their work while also providing news and interviews with industry experts.

“Hosts Joshua and Jason are whisky experts who aren’t done learning and from the outset, this podcast will educate and entertain everyone who’s listening.

Joined each episode by some seriously special guests, this often hilarious and at all times informative podcast will suit everyone from the aspiring whisky drinker to the seasoned whisky geek.” – Richard Mckeand, SMWS member