Welcome to 28 Queen Street

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect when visiting our refurbished and improved Members’ Rooms in the centre of Edinburgh



Our stunning new Members’ Lounge takes pride of place on the first floor, in the heart of 28 Queen Street, where the Dining Room and sample room previously were. We now have two areas for members, increasing our capacity and introducing our new bar with more than 230 Society bottlings.


What was previously our Members’ Room on the second floor is now our magnificent Spirit Safe, again named by the Society’s members. This sumptuous but airy room will be used as an extension of the Members’ Room on busy nights. It has an informal layout, where you’ll be able to order drinks and food from our funky new bar and enjoy the view across to Queen Street Gardens. The Spirit Safe can be used as a private dining room for up to 40 guests and we’ll also use it to host larger member tasting events.

Be sure to take advantage of our new bottle keep, with space available for members to rent and store their favourite bottlings on the premises.


The new Pip Hills Room is at the top of 28 Queen Street and was named in honour of the Society’s founder following a call out to our members to help us choose the names of our new rooms. The room will have a dual function, both as a private dining room for up to 30 guests, and as an additional space for members with a big screen to show major sports events.