Story-telling is at the heart of our whisky world – and once the drams start to flow, so do the tales we tell. With our festival season back in full swing this month, we’re hoping that by the end of May we’ll all have a few more experiences and stories to add to our list.

In this month’s Unfiltered, we’re sharing some whisky stories from both musician Hamish Napier and the Society’s Tasting Panel chairperson Robin Laing – we’ve captured their tales in audio form along with music from both, so settle back with a dram, get the headphones on, and let their whisky-themed stories transport you.

As always, we’re sharing whisky stories from near and far, with Rachel MacNeill describing her whisky journey from Islay, catching up with Rob Carpenter from the SMWS branch in Canada and Julien Willems giving us a guided tour of GlenWyvis distillery in Dingwall.

Elsewhere, Iain Russell describes how Scotland’s whisky regions came to be, and Gavin D Smith digs into the history of May’s whisky festivals and why this month, more than any other, has become the time for any whisky lover to make the trip to Scotland.

We hope to see you in person at one of the many events the Society will be attending over the course of May, or if not we’ll have other opportunities to catch up online. Bring your own stories, and prepare to make many more along the way.