High Society!

With summer firmly in sight, we asked our recently re-opened Members’ Rooms to come up with some next-level cocktails of their own. From elevated classics to cocktails designed to go with dessert, there’s a drink for every occasion – and most don’t even need a cocktail shaker!


Chet Baker

Anthony Delcros, SMWS Glasgow

Anthony recommends a Spanish-style rum, something like the Panamanian bottlings from distillery R9. You don’t want anything too sweet and heavy – rather you’re looking for a spirit that’s relatively light with herbaceous notes, ginger and spices. This pairs well the honey and sweet vermouth. Ask for the Chet Baker at our Glasgow Members’ Room.

The Vaults Julep

Miguel Treleani, SMWS The Vaults

You can’t go wrong with a classic. We’ve swapped out the traditional bourbon for whisky from our Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits flavour profile, which brings a richness to the drink that feels decadent but still light enough to enjoy in the heat of the afternoon. Try this cocktail at The Vaults.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Simone Malavolta, SMWS London

This refreshing highball wouldn’t go amiss at a picnic or barbecue. It’s a drink that offers sweetness with plenty of juicy oak flavours which you can dial up or down by choosing sweeter or more wood-forward whiskies within the Juicy, Oak & Vanilla flavour profile.

Just the Tonic

Simone Malavolta, SMWS London

A peated highball offers tamed smoke and pairs splendidly with grilled dishes or charcuterie. It’s quick and easy to pull together, making it ideal for any kind of entertaining.

Choc-work Orange

Anthony Delcros, SMWS Glasgow

Choc-Work Orange is a textured drink full of rich and zingy citrusy notes that’s easy to make as you layer ingredients directly into the glass. This is the perfect after-dinner drink and pairs magnificently with dark chocolate. Enjoy this drink in our Bath Street Members’ Room.

Fire and Spice

Francesco Ramella, SMWS Queen Street

You’ll want to spend some time unwrapping the flavours on this one. We love how the richness of the cinnamon syrup melds with the bitter but balsamic aspects of the Amaro Montenegro – that’s all before a fiery kick of heat from the scotch bonnet bitters. You’ll find this drink on the menu at Queen Street.

A Greenhouse in Jerez

Francesco Ramella, SMWS Queen Street

Cucumber? Tick. Whisky? Tick. Fino Sherry? Yes! The sherry in this drink adds a lovely sweetness to these already summery and fresh green flavours. Ask for this cocktail in June at Queen Street.


Anthony Delcros, SMWS Glasgow

The Brigadoon is named after a Hollywood film from the 50s, about a village in the Highlands. There are a few variations of this drink, but Anthony and his colleague Kris Grimes agreed that the one they chose is the most fun! It’s similar to the Chaplin Cocktail – apricot and lime makes it fruity and refreshing, just a touch of orgeat brings out wonderful aromas (hence no garnish, you don't want to mask the aroma of the orgeat and the whisky). An oaky whisky like the Black Oak is perfect, it's not too heavy and marries well with almond. You’ll find this drink on the menu at our Glasgow Members’ Room.

Smoky Old Fashioned

Miguel Treleani, SMWS The Vaults

If you’ve not had an Old Fashioned with peat, you’re missing out! Adding a bit of smoke is a simple and elegant way to elevate this classic cocktail. Ask for this cocktail at The Vaults.