Some whisky-inspired love

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate and honour the fathers in our lives – be it your own, a dad you know, a father figure or a father-to-be. Moa Nilsson takes a look at how we can raise a dram, or more, to all the dads


Considering the year we’ve had, many of us simply want one thing: to be able to spend some time with our loved ones. So perhaps the best Father’s Day gift this year is simply to do something together.

Be it a whisky tasting, a day out hiking or a picnic in the garden, there are plenty of activities that can be appreciated together.

That could be virtually if it’s not possible to meet up, or in person now that we’re able to get together again. Whatever you’re planning, here are a few suggestions as well as gift ideas that might suit the whisky loving dad perfectly.

Whisky is of course the best when enjoyed with the ones we love and I certainly hope you get the chance to do so this Father’s Day. A big sláinte to all incredible fathers out there!

LEFT: Moa Nilsson


If your father loves being outdoors then take him on a nice hike or a long walk and surprise him with a wee dram in an SMWS hip flask. Or if he is a bit more adventurous then perhaps an activity like a treetop adventure course, a kayaking day trip or white water rafting could be a fun pastime! Either bring some friends along or spend some time with just the two of you. Check our June Outturn for a suitable bottling: does he fit the bill for Cask No. 4.279: A work of finesse? And maybe he’d look the part in a Society beanie hat or jacket?


Is your dad someone who enjoys good food and drink? You could surprise him by showing up with groceries for a home-cooked three-course meal and whisky pairing. Alternatively why not cook together if it’s something he enjoys or take him to that restaurant he’s been wanting to go to? If food pairings is something he enjoys you could also pair some various whiskies with cheeses, chocolates or meats. Maybe his new favourite pairing could be Cask No. 94.13: Follow the Furry Cheesemonger with a mature cheddar? Or maybe his humour is a little like the whisky - a bit Spicy & Dry…


Maybe your dad most enjoys some time in a comfortable chair reading a book, watching a film or even fiddling with building or creating things. He might appreciate a new book in his favourite genre, going to the cinema for a movie or a tricky jigsaw puzzle. If so, he deserves something he can linger over and appreciate at length, such as one of our bottlings from the Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits flavour profile.


Golf, football or rugby? Or maybe he is more of a tennis or cycling man. Either you can take him to a sports event or if he prefers playing or cycling himself then a little challenge might be fun.


If it’s a bottle of whisky you’re looking for it can be a good idea to search for something with a quirky name or flavour profile. Or tempt his curiosity with a Society rum or a cognac instead. If you can’t decide, there are also tasting packs that offer more variety.