Sarah Prior

Venue Manager, 28 Queen Street

First whisky memory

Has to be the old story of tasting whisky from my mum and dad’s drinks cabinet as a teenager. Have to say, it did put me off whisky at the time!

Best box set

The answer changes weekly at the moment – I’ve obviously finished Netflix like most of us, so I’m now working my way through Sky Documentaries and loving their “The Decades” box sets – The Eighties, The Seventies etc – eight episodes in each decade covering music, politics, television, culture from each decade. Really interesting and quite nostalgic remembering my childhood.

Fantasy whisky tasting companions

Not sure if they are whisky drinkers – but most definitely RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsburg – such an awe-inspiring woman. Stephen Fry – I could listen to his stories all day, I saw him reading through his Greek mythology trilogy at the Edinburgh Festival in 2019 – amazing! And finally, Billy Connolly – I would have loved to see Billy live before he retired, and I’m sure he would be amazing to chat to over a dram.

Most used emoji

I look after the social media for SMWS Queen Street – so with whisky and Home Dining it needs to be the dram glass emoji and the ‘yummy face’ emoji!

Most memorable cocktail

Before my SMWS days, a French martini was my go-to cocktail, but I’m incredibly lucky to have some expert mixologists within my team here at Queen Street. Our new cocktail list features ‘Fernando’s Margarita’ and wow – amazing!

Guilty pleasure

I’m not a reality TV person at all – but I do have to admit I’m hooked to Below Deck. It follows a super yacht on its charters and it’s a bit above and below stairs with the crew and the charter guests. My background is all in five-star hospitality – so I love to watch when hospitality can go spectacularly right or (sometimes better) when it goes spectacularly wrong!

Dream destination

I would absolutely love to go to Petra in Jordan – I’m a big history buff and I find it amazing that it dates back to 400BC and was left untouched for centuries until 1812 – that must have been an amazing site to turn a corner and find.

Weirdest food

Not a weirdest food – but perhaps a weird way of eating – I love bell peppers and eat them like apples (but not the green ones!)

Favourite bar

As long as it’s not too busy, I’m guaranteed a seat and you can hear yourself talk – then that’s a good bar (geez, my 20-year-old self would be laughing at what I’ve become!)

If you were a flavour profile, what would you be?

This should be as per my business card – Old and Dignified with Cask No. 135.3: Red Carpet Welcome, but I’m maybe a bit Spicy & Dry as well!

First ever Society bottling/dram

At a tasting at The Vaults just before I started – it was Heavily Peated and not for me at all. My team have a challenge to try and find a peated whisky that I’ll like – they’ve not succeeded as yet! I really like our gin and have quite a few bottles at home.

Before my SMWS days, a French martini was my go-to cocktail, but I’m incredibly lucky to have some expert mixologists within my team here at Queen Street