A Christmas that dazzles

Showstopping drams and great gifts for everyone on your list


They are the ones who have a particular panache for throwing sparkling soirees, hosting jovial gatherings that get people talking. For whisky gifts, think lively, fruity and festive. Cask No. 5.85: Once, twice, three times deceptive, offers notes that our panel called “Bountifully sweet and vibrant” with candied citrus peels, pineapple cubes and bergamot.

Flavour profiles: Young & Spritely, Spicy & Sweet, Spicy & Dry

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If they’re still figuring out that they like, treat them to one of our SMWS Tasting Packs. Our tasting packs boast some of our most popular bottlings with five 25ml drams to taste and explore.

Flavour profiles: Juicy, Oak & Vanilla, Sweet Fruity & Mellow, Light & Delicate

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For lovers of fine food, it’s all about whisky that makes their food sing. Bold fruity flavours pair well with red meats while salty sweet flavours are the perfect match for seafood. If they’re a fan of savoury and sweet pairing the likes of chutney with paté, try Cask No. 94.17: Grist salsa avec flowers.

Flavour profiles: Lightly Peated, Spicy & Sweet, Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits

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They’re nourished by music, good books and storytelling. Take in the early days of the Society with Pip Hills in The Founder’s Tale paired with a dram that’s packed with plenty to explore. Cask CW1.2: The Gum-gatherer’s log cabin promises adventure and fascination with plenty of flavours to uncover.

Flavour profiles: Spicy & Sweet, Old & Dignified, Peated

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Celebrate the one who has kept you in good spirits throughout the year. Share tidings of comfort and joy and raise a glass with whiskies that are powerful, deep and full of riches, just like Cask No. 134.8, Spice up your life!

Flavour profiles: Old & Dignified, Peated, Deep Rich & Dried Fruits

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We all have a friend who has come into their own with cocktails, throwing together festive libations with the ease of a speakeasy barkeep. The key here is versatility with whiskies that are spicy and rye-like, refreshing and cooling or smoky and medicinal. For something truly avant garde go for our cask-aged gin, GN5.2: Blushing white lady cocktail.

Flavour profiles: Spicy & Dry, Lightly Peated, Light & Delicate

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No matter the weather, you’ll find this person outside more than inside. Keep them warm in all their outdoor endeavours – whether it’s a quick jaunt into the city, or an altogether bigger adventure. When it comes to whisky take your notes from their outdoor haunts – pebble beaches, bonfires and workshops. Try Cask No. 12.61 Creaky wooden scaffolding.

Flavour profiles: Oily & Coastal, Lightly Peated, Juicy, Oak & Vanilla

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Spending hours crafting the perfect pastry brings them the greatest satisfaction. Treat them to a whisky that has sweet flavours that they already love to share with others like nougat, gingersnaps, and spiced cake. Just add one bottle of Cask No. 88.26: Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Flavour profiles: Sweet, Fruity and Mellow, Spicy & Sweet, Juicy, Oak & Vanilla

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It’s not exactly grill season, but if the weather is cold enough, they’ll be the ones building the fire in the fireplace and keeping it burning brightly. With them, there’s always room for marshmallows around the firepit. Treat them to a peated whisky full of smoke and big meaty flavours. Cask No. 4.305: Orcadian Sunday roast should do nicely.

Flavour profiles: Peated, Lightly Peated, Oily & Coastal

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Keep your seasoned whisky explorer warm and dry on their whisky adventures with our outdoor jacket. Lined with fleece, it’s perfect for far-flung distillery visits. When looking for whisky look for unusual cask types.

Flavour profiles: Heavily Peated, Old & Dignified

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They say they don’t like whisky, preferring the company of grapes to barley. We say, there’s a whisky for them too! Choose whiskies that echo their favourite style of wine and look for ex-wine and sherry casks, such as our small blended experimental malt, Tabanco time, drawn from the latest refresh of the SMWS blended malt solera.

Flavour profiles: Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits, Sweet, Fruity & Mellow, Old & Dignified

More gift ideas: Society membership; Single cask armagnac


Whether it’s gardening or birdwatching, they’re outside more than inside. Keep them warm with our Society bobble hat. When it comes to whisky, embrace flavours from the outdoors. Choose delicate whiskies marked with notes of pine, flower meadows or summery lemon groves. With plenty of botanical notes, our single cask gin, Cask No. GN5.4: Flower philosophy offers an intriguing alternative with notes of eucalyptus, lemon and grapefruit peels, pollens and hints of star anise and heather flowers.

Flavour profiles: Light & Delicate, Young & Spritely, Juicy, Oak & Vanilla

More gift ideas: Society outdoor jacket; Single cask gin

STILL NOT SURE WHAT TO GET THEM? Give the gift of SMWS membership (with bottles available to add to your gift).