New frontiers

We like to push the boundaries of what you think might be possible when it comes to how we drink our Society single malts – or even where we drink them.

Some pairings are tried, tested and generally fail-safe – a Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits flavour profile with chocolate. Lightly Peated with cheese. Or one of my favourites, an Oily & Coastal dram supped with some brine along with a freshly shucked oyster.

A whisky and beer combination – known in these parts as a hauf’n’hauf – is another winner, and in this issue we’re celebrating the synergies between the two worlds. But we thought we’d also put both drinks to the test with chef Tony Singh and his fiery Indian cuisine. Is there a better option for a spice-laden dish than a pint of chilled lager? You bet there is, and we decided to try Tony’s home-cooked cuisine with some stunning drams and a trio of top-class beers from an innovative young Leith-based brewery.

All I can say is, if you’re looking to enhance the experience of Indian food, whisky is definitely the way to go. Instead of washing away the flavours, a Spicy & Dry dram gives them even more prominence on the palate. The beer is a bonus. Try it for yourself and tell me if I’m wrong. Elsewhere this month, SMWS executive head chef James Freeman picks out his 12 spice and flavour matches, and we take a trip to glorious Perthshire for a ‘hauf’n’hauf’ day out at Blair Athol distillery and Wasted Degrees Brewing.

The Society’s sphere extends far beyond Scotland, of course, and this month our branch in Canada is celebrating a decade of dramming in their part of the world. We hear from branch founders Rob and Kelly Carpenter, before heading south to Mexico City to check in with the couple behind the Society’s first venture into Latin America and our Salón Rosario partner bar. There’s always something, or somewhere, new to explore at the Society.

Grab a glass and jump in.

Cheers ,