As we bring our community of members together at this month’s Gathering events, Mads Schmoll reflects on everything you need to create your very own flavour-packed whisky love-in

Set the mood

2020 and early 2021: what a bummer. But now we’re feeling the love, man. Come on down and celebrate all things Society at The Gathering with peace, love and whisky. We’re bringing members together with whisky love-ins around the world. And most importantly, we’re giving you the know-how to host a whisky love-in of your own.

Dress the part of the world’s most colourful whisky club. Bell-bottoms, bright colours, paisley prints, and all things flowy will have you looking way out.

Macrame and dried flowers may have made a comeback in terms of decorating your space, but the jury is still out on the lava lamp.

Tune in

Next, you’re going to need some tunes. While we can’t quite supply you with 36 continuous hours of live music a la Woodstock (if you go for 2019’s Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive recording), we do have a few suggestions in the form of our SMWS Spotify playlist. Get the records on or pass around a guitar if you’re so musically inclined. Sway, dance, sing along and soak it all up.

If you’re near one of our Members’ Rooms be sure to head to one of our Society Sound Lounges, in collaboration with luxury Scottish sound-equipment pioneers, Linn. For those of you on the mainland, we’re also bringing back home dining with a special 60s throwback menu with three matching whiskies delivered to your doorstep.

Cook up a storm

Near or far, it’s easy to pay homage to the kitschy clash of British cuisine in the 60s. Prawn cocktail? Rad. Spaghetti Bolognese? Right on!

And don’t forget the pudding – there’s boozy delights in Black Forest gateau and trifle, but this is also the decade of the pineapple upside down cake – not to mention the pink strawberries and cream mousse otherwise known as Angel Delight. If you’re after chilled-out fare, keep it simple: cheese straws, pork pies, scotch eggs and the tried-and-true cheese cubes and olives on cocktail sticks – ideal for taking your love-in and your campervan to the great outdoors.

… and relax!

And then there’s the whisky. Our Gathering Discovery Pack will have celebratory bottles to capture these feel-good vibes, along with a few downloadable extras to help you bring your love-in to life.

Finally whether you’re enjoying a free-spirited Young & Spritely dram or something altogether wilder from our Heavily Peated profile, this is the time to raise a glass or two and celebrate some altogether groovier times with friends.