Past perfect pairings

We’ve explored a variety of pairings with Society whisky over the years in Unfiltered, from something fishy with chef James Freeman, an explosive Indian food pairing with Cyrus Todiwala and sweet dessert drams with Mark Greenaway. Click on the recipes below for a reminder of how versatile whisky can be with your food pairings, and take inspiration from three of the best chefs in the business

James Freeman

Roast cod fillet with mussels, issue 4, 2009

A recent fishing trip highlighted the lengths Society chef James Freeman and his team go to in search of the finest ingredients

Cyrus Todiwala

Duck Tikka, issue 3, 2009

Multi-award-winning chef Cyrus Todiwala conjures a dish to behold with a dram in hand. Image courtesy of Café Spice Namasté

Mark Greenaway

Desserts & drams, issue 25, 2014

Matching any alcohol with a sweet dessert can be risky but it's a dram delight in star chef Mark Greenaway's expert hands