The SMWS Hauf‘n’ Hauf hitlist

October’s here...and there’s nothing quite like a thirst-quenching whisky and beer chaser to welcome in the month. Here’s our suggestion for 12 sensational pairings of different Society flavour profiles with 12 different styles of beer. Dive in!


Ester Fest: Young & Spritely & Wheat Beer Savour the complementary estery flavours of bananas and pineapples from the wheat beer with a feisty young bourbon-matured dram

Full & Funky: Sweet, Fruity & Mellow & Belgian Kriek Lambic Pair the funky flavours of this fermented lambic brew from Belgium with the full-on fruity notes from this flavour profile

Light & Lovely: Spicy & Sweet & Pale Ale Easy-drinking and lightly hopped pale ale is the perfect counterpoint for the whisky’s prickly spiciness

Thirst Slaker: Spicy & Dry & Lager Quench your summer thirst with a lower strength lager paired with the strong aromas of our Spicy & Dry drams

For All Saisons: Deep, Rich & Dark Fruits & Belgian Saison A bold pairing of fruity, spicy Belgian saison beer with this deep and indulgent flavour profile

Dark & Daring: Old & Dignified & Dunkel Savour our oldest and most distinguished drams along with a smooth, malty dark German lager, to complement the whisky without overwhelming it

Entry Level: Light & Delicate & Pilsner Waken up your palate with a Light & Delicate dram alongside a refreshing, hoppy pilsner

Sweet Dreams: Juicy, Oak & Vanilla & IPA The whisky’s refreshing sweetness brings the best out of a more bitter and hoppy Indian Pale Ale

Summery Seaside: Oily & Coastal & Citrus Beer Explore how a sharp citrusy beer cuts through the oily mouthfeel and marine notes from this flavour profile

Dark and Smoky: Lightly Peated & Stout A deep, rich stout with a creamy head that’s light on the hops allows a Lightly Peated dram to shine

The Double P: Peated & Porter Dive into a robust pairing of higher strength dark porter with a good blast of peaty goodness

Full Shilling: Heavily Peated & 80/- Heavy Beer A full-flavoured old school combination with an 80 shilling that’s lighter on the hops and heavier on cereal to stand up to our most heavily peated drams