Dean’s Lounge

Whether you’re a local or looking for a cosy late-night spot on a visit to Sydney, the Society’s new partner bar Dean’s Lounge is everything you’d hope for in a friendly neighbourhood bar with fantastic drams and jaffles*, finds our Australian ambassador Matt Bailey

The first thing you see is the tree. This giant old oak that embraces the main entry to this iconic building. Once the home of the Powder Keg, and then a nice little wine bar, Dean’s Lounge has finally found its place in the landscape and found its footing.

Founded by the same team behind Shirt Bar, Justin and Louka Marmot, Dean’s Lounge is your ultimate friendly neighbourhood bar serving up jaffles*, drams of Society whisky, and spinning records on their meticulously restored jukebox. Great tunes, great whisky, great staff. The perfect trio.

“This space popped up and I would have been mad not to jump on it,” says Justin. “It’s inner-city, but it’s also not. It strikes that balance really well, and I just wanted to create something cosy and inviting in the area.”

This isn’t Justin’s first bar, so the formula keeps getting stronger with each iteration. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society first collaborated with him and Louka back in 2016 for their first iteration of Shirt Bar back on Sussex Lane. It then moved to Scotch Row Baranagaroo, and now to their exciting new semi-suburban space at Dean’s Lounge.

Most importantly, the concept of the local remains exactly that. “Dean’s Lounge is a place that doesn’t exclude anyone,” says Justin.

“We have people from all social standings getting together for a beer, a dram or a cocktail. Being a partner bar means that we take a serious commitment to the Society and will continue to sing its praises!”

“I just love the concept behind the Society and I am very proud to be part of it.” Dean’s is well worth a visit to come and say hello, try a Society dram, try a cocktail, and explore all the flavours of the menu. And a particular favourite of mine – the four cheese and truffle toastie. Amazing! See you there…

*Jaffles: that’ll be toasties or toasted sandwiches for readers outside Australia!