Calum Lawson

Venue Manager, 38 Bath Street, Glasgow

First whisky memory

As a child I was very close to my grandfather, James Whitelaw. He was a very funny man with a gift for public speaking and well known for hosting parties with family and friends at his home, so much so he built a bar in his living room. I was always keen to get behind the bar and serve the drinks at these parties. His was a wee blended whisky with water. Unfortunately, I never got to share a dram with him – but here’s to you Papa!

Favourite album

My line “Did you know I used to be a DJ” is a bit of an ongoing joke at work! But yes, I love music so it’s very hard to pick only one album. As a kid my first music obsession was Michael Jackson and then it was Queen, but as a teenager in the 90s it was all about the Seattle grunge scene. Nirvana were the gateway into all things ‘grungy’ for me, so I would go for their 1991 album Nevermind. It has to be the most influential album of the time. Alternative rock at its best, the album has everything from downbeat and morose to ‘scream at your parents’ heavy rock! It was perfect for a grumpy teenager like me! Hey, they sent me to an all-boys school…they deserved it!

Fantasy whisky tasting companions

In the world of whisky, I could tell you a few names of people I would love to share a dram with, but let’s stick to the Seattle music scene and I’ll go for one of the last remaining grunge rockers, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Eddie is such a talented musician with an amazing voice but he just seems very mellow, modest and down to earth. He has a bit of an old surfer dude vibe, easy to talk to and he must have a few stories to tell.

Most used emoji

The eyebrow raise. I like to judge others for things I’d probably do myself!

Most memorable concert

I’ve been to see Pearl Jam a few times but one of the best was in 2018 at The Waldbühne Amphitheatre Olympia park in Berlin. Imagine the Kelvingrove Bandstand times 10 times bigger, set in beautiful forest and with glorious sunshine. Everyone was drinking straight out of the pitchers of beer, so it felt like Oktoberfest! Pearl Jam were meant to be playing the same venue last summer, but it has been postponed to 2022. That’s something to look forward to!


ABOVE: Calum and the Bath Street team (click image to view full size)

Guilty pleasure There are so many great crime dramas on TV but I can only take so much gore, blood and guts. I do try to resist trash TV but sometimes I can’t help myself. In the past I’ve binged on shows like Love Island and Married At First Sight Australia. But now after reading April’s Share a Dram With… I’m hooked on Below Deck (thanks Sarah Prior!). If you have worked in hospitality it’s totally relatable!

Dream destination The thought of going anywhere right now is amazing but I would love to go to Japan, such a beautiful looking country with such an interesting culture and history. “I didn’t know they made whisky” is what I would tell my wife after we book the tickets!

First ever Society dram Cask No. 93.124: 3AM doner kebabs

Weirdest food A doner kebab at 3 o’clock in the morning!

Favourite bar Inn Deep in Glasgow’s West End is a pretty cool craft beer bar, but the Ubiquitous Chip in Ashton Lane is probably more my scene these days.

If you were a flavour profile, what would you be?

I love the rugged coastline of Scotland’s west coast and all the islands it leads you to, so it would have to be Oily & Coastal.

I would love to go to Japan… “I didn’t know they made whisky” is what I would tell my wife after we book the tickets!