The spirit and the song

The Society likes to use the phrase ‘better when shared’ when it comes to the pleasure of cracking open a bottle and introducing others to the wonders of your latest single cask offering. The dram comes alive only once it’s poured out, pondered, and – we hope – communally praised.

Many of my most treasured memories are based around sharing not only a dram, but a tune to go with it. The whisky flows, the guitar gets passed around, voices come together or maybe there’s respectful silence for a solo performance. The spirit and the song combine to create a magic of their own in a specific place and time.

This month’s Unfiltered is all about singing the praises of music and malt, with suggested pairings by DJ Vic Galloway that should have you digging into different styles of music along with each of the flavour profiles of Society whisky.

Musician and whisky writer Felipe Schrieberg explores the connections between music and whisky, including the impulse for musicians to collaborate with whisky makers. And Andrew Derbidge from our Australian branch wonders if we need to come up with musical profiles to match a whisky’s mood or tone?

Just as the Society’s diversity of whisky flavours is never-ending, there’s something for everyone in this issue, no matter what kind of music gets you going.

Happy reading, and listening.